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One Love Accommodations 21 Hour Retreats

Enjoy the Temple Retreat in one of our VIP RETREATS

Imagine staying 21 hours or 7 days in the temple.

One Love VIP Retreats
There is nothing as exceptional as staying at the One Love Temple of Sea Mountain just minutes from the Las Vegas strip.

A lifestyles experience.

Imagine 21 hour access to the most magical sensual clothing optional Temple in the USA.  Book your supreme meditation raucous retreat call 702-497-2936 for immediate service.

  • 777 Ultimatum – 5 Star accommodations.
  • 4-Point awarded accommodations best of Yahoo best of Travel and Leisure most romantic Los Angeles Times.
  • Private VIP entry to main pool or views of nude pool or nude spa with special VIP hours and seating.
  • Our private estate has private areas with private bathrooms.
  • Asian décor awarded Buddha One world art and magical clothing optional Las Vegas nude resort gardens and waterfall entry.
  • Private bathrooms with high end art and fixtures.
  • Designer bedding and 5 diamond sheets Ritz Charlton and Four Seasons.
  • State of the art air and heat climate control.
  • Sea Mountain Comfort Robes.
  • Plush Sea Mountain slippers.
  • Color flat-screen LCD TV.
  • Complimentary spa, pools entry and event entry and special Dharma Room VIP seating.
  • In-room refrigerator.
  • Platinum complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • 24-hour club One Love Temple Gardens access and VIP Las Vegas Nude Resort Plush VIP seating.
  • Morning meals, 24 hour snacks and beverages are exclusively yours In our private retreat for those with a personal invitation from your hosts.

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Your Private Retreat package price includes:

  • Sea Mountain One Love Breakfast daily.
  • Unlimited SMI beverages and lunch delivered daily.
  • Daily reception.
  • Dewey Wi-Fi-33 complimentary.
  • Complimentary VIP Parking.
  • Complimentary meditation classes during stay if  classes are occurring.
  • 24 hour access to VIP One Love Rejoice Dance Dharma club.
  • 24 hour access to nude mineral waters pool and spa.
  • Las Vegas’ ONLY 24 hour pool Mikvah (All other pools in the desert seem to close by 7PM and all winter heated hot, these are yours all night).
  • Feel the vibe of Jamaica or Cancun’s Desire.
  • Unlimited iced teas and coffee.
  • Full use of all VIP rooms and Lifestyles Temple Areas.
  • Meditate on your private day bed and cabana (Sea Mountain Cabanas available for donation from 10am to 3am).
  • No worries about finding the private space.
  • Each cabana booking includes Wi-Fi-33.
  • Rejoice in dance nights access.
  • Lunch for two.
  • Unlimited fruits exclusive pool side amenities.

Request a 21 hour Retreat.

call 702-497-2936 for immediate service.


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