Group Retreats

All Group Temple  retreats are no longer allowed until the state of Nevada allows groups to gather.

Las Vegas Bachelorette Party and Group Retreats. Las Vegas Birthdays.


Enjoy a Bacholorette party, a group take-over, Birthdays and Women’s VIP days, Weddings in the ultimate VIP water garden  LIFESTYLES Temple. Sea Mountain is a female centric experience with a dedicated professional well trained staff. Enjoy VIP celebrity take-overs or exotic weddings, in the ultimate setting for party play and private relaxation –

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles One Love Temple Las Vegas

Unlike other Lifestyles Temples  and hotels the Sea Mountain Temple has the VIP  Nude pool areas to unwind and visit – You can laugh and smile and not worry about being quiet  with your friends since this is the awarded and relaxed environment – Chosen by numerous VIPs as the place for women to relax and enjoy each other as if you were all at a retreat in Hawaii or Jamaican resort – Many return each month to re-experience the magic – Ranked as BEST OF 2002-2017  for Lifestyles Takeover groups and Women’s Events and Classes its  the party you will remember forever – The best events for groups of 3 to 400 – The raves are in.

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Your VIP Event – Rates from $79 dollars per person with Lifestyles Temple and Club Dharma Temple Zen access!! – Includes the award winning lunch for your important day and special group. We have packages available – Please call 760-251-4744 for more information – remember smiles and more are included in your private group packages – For the most exotic day – We welcome you to Sea Mountain Inn Desert Hot Springs.

The perfect place for VIP corporate events or retreats.

The sun is AWESOME – The Perfect place to TAN all year long – The ultimate secret by VH1

One Love Group Retreats1-1


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